The Impact of the Capitol Hill riot: The end of Trumpism

Long before the 2020 Presidential election, Donald Trump has posted endless tweets discrediting electoral integrity and declaring his second term would be "stolen" by Democrat-led voter fraud. Despite finding absolutely no evidence of such fraud, Trump supporters and many Republican politicians have relentlessly challenged the election result. After the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Donald Trump's challenge to overturn election results in battleground states, his fate of becoming a one-term President is certain. With all but the last step of formally affirming President-elect Joe Biden's victory, trump supporters' death throe was to storm the United States Capitol to stop Congress from going forward with the vote. With thousands of mobs flooding into the U.S. Capitol, Congressional members were forced to evacuate and the building was then ransacked.

The Capitol Hill riot meant more than just violence resulting from an escalated protest, it was also a detrimental attack on democracy. With thousands of Americans not honoring the results of a fair election and breaching into the U.S. Capitol, it makes countries around the world raise concerns on the fallibility and fragility of U.S. democracy. The riot also enables authoritarian regimes to undermine the United States and democracy as a whole. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson implied that democratic systems lead to chaos and riots by drawing parallels between the Capitol Hill riot and Hong Kong's Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement. In the future, China and other totalitarian regimes would most certainly use the Capitol Hill riot as "proof" to defame democracy. President-elect Biden's top priority should be to restore countries' faith in democracy and reaffirm the United States' global leadership. He will need to prove that the democratic system, America's backbone for over 200 years, will continue to promote and protect Americans' rights and is worthy for other countries to adopt.

Despite the destructive impact on democracy and America's global influence, I believe the riot could lead to welcoming changes within American politics. The Capitol Hill riot not only outraged Democrats but many Republicans too. Unlike the unified support for Donald Trump during the Presidential election, Republicans are divided on Trump supporters breaching the U.S. Capitol. Many prominent Republicans that previously supported Donald Trump now openly denounce Trumpism and Donald Trump for provoking the riot. The First Lady's chief of staff, a loyal Trump supporter that served since 2015, promptly quit her job in response to the riot.

The chaos on the U.S. Capitol is a symbol for the backfiring of Trumpism that Republicans spent the last four years supporting. After this incident, the Republican party can survive only if it reforms its platform and distances itself from populism. Considering the growing number of Hispanic and Asian Republicans in the 2020 election, the Republican party will likely alter its current "Southern strategy" of appealing to mostly white voters. The Party's platform will also likely shift towards moderacy in the next few years. This opens up to the possibilities of bipartisan policies which are almost non-existent in the current political atmosphere. If reform occurs, this could potentially mark the end of America's political polarization.